Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Snow

They were in complete awe watching it snow.

A lesson for me

This whole story was good for me and even though Hudson
is only two, he taught me something. So anyone that knows Huddy
knows that he is in love with the blanket(a.k.a brown one). So we headed off
to the mall with brown one of course, but when we got home Hudson asked for
it and me and Jared both looked at each other like oh no.. we left it at the mall.
I called the mall but they were already closed. So we explained to Hud what had
happened and he said, Lets say a prayer! Sweetest thing ever to hear your two
year old say that. So we said a prayer and called the mall first thing in the morning.
They told us they had not found it, and when I told Hudson that he said "thats ok
we say another prayer"!! I told him I thought that brown one was really lost, but we
could go get another blanket. Of course he didn't like that idea. So about another hour
went by, I had forgot about the blanket but he had not. He asked to say another prayer.
I was like come on the blanket is lost!!! But we said one more prayer and called the mall
and they had it. I was shocked. He was so happy!! Love that little boy...

Halloween 2009

I know Im way behind on this whole blogging but I wanted to get
up a few pics. from halloween. This is Huddy and his cousin
Ayden. All Hudson wanted to be for Halloween was anything
consisting of his pajamas. This child loves to wear his pj's, so me
and Jar said whatever you can wear your moose pajamas and be a moose.
(Although he did have a costume)

Me and my sis in laws
Hudson was in love with this witch and wanted to follow
her around all night!! Little did we know that he would have complete
trauma from her. He was terrified from there on out and he wouldn't
go to sleep because he thought there were witches in his room. I
guess we learned our lesson.

Sissy with some of her cousins

Monday, November 2, 2009

Broken Leg

So sad!! I know I should have a better picture
of her leg but I just haven't got one yet!! So about
two weeks ago we were just hanging out on a Friday
night and Peyton climbed up on the ottoman and walked
right off it. I was sitting right there and heard it snap, it was
the saddest thing ever she wouldn't stop crying and would put
no pressure on it. So I told Jar we better take her into the instacare
because there was no way I was going to the ER(i hate that place)
We took her in and they said it looked fine, well come to find out
they had x-rayed the wrong leg, are you serious??? So 4 days later
she gets the cast... She is actually doing really well with it and she can
even walk with it. So moral of the story if you think your child has broke
there leg don't let your hubby take them in for the x-ray!!! Ha ha Love ya babe

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Years

So this is what I was doing 5 years ago!! I honestly can't
believe that it has already been that long. Its so crazy what can
happen in 5 years, I love Jared more and more everyday. He is the
best hubby and dad. He works so hard and I know that he would do
anything for me. Thanks babe I love you so so much!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Birthdays

Happy Birthday Babe!!! So in the past three weeks
we have had everyones birthday but mine. Its kind of
crazy but fun. Seriously I just have to brag for a sec
about how much I love this man. He is the best best
best hubby I could ever ask for. I could not ask for anything
better! He is such a great daddy too!!! He would and does
anything for us and I appreciate him more and more
everyday. He works so hard so I can stay home and do
what I love(well most days)!! I love love love you and I
hope you had a great day babe.
Black eye for his Bday

This is how he opened all his presents!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Bday Sissy

Last week(Sept. 10) was Peytons first birthday. She
is such a little sweetie and I honestly can't get enough
of her. She brings so much joy into our home and I
think that Hudson would be completly lost with out her.
They of course have there moments of not getting
along, but for the most part they play so well together.
We had a fun little party and all her favorite people got
to be there to celebrate!!! Love ya Peyton

This cake was delicious!!!!
Taking some of her first steps